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Products & Services

  Brief Relief®

American Innotek's Brief Relief line is designed for the mobile workforce and provides sanitation solutions for the disposal of liquid and solid human waste. Those working in the utilities and telecom industries, police or emergency services, construction or the military are just a few examples of entities that benefit from Brief Relief’s products. The Brief Relief line — which consists of two basic products, Brief Relief for liquid waste and the Disposa-John® for solid and liquid waste — reduces corporate liability and enhances work site health and safety.

Products & Services


RESTOP uses the same advanced technology and superior design as Brief Relief in a line of sanitation solutions for outdoor enthusiasts. From campers and hikers to pilots and boaters, RESTOP’s products, which include RESTOP 1 for liquid waste, and Wilderness Waste Containment Pouch® for solid waste, lead to better health and safety and a cleaner environment for all.

Products & Services   Neatnix®

American Innotek's Neatnix brand provides a variety of personal organizational tools. From Jewelry Stax®, modular trays that stack and slide into any drawer, to extendable organizers for anything from socks to T-shirts - everything, American Innotek's Neatnix brand offers organization and simplification solutions for today's busy consumer. Neatnix also offers a full line of drawer, closet and storage organizers sold through retailers, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens-N-Things and The Container Store.

  InterTrade Industries®

InterTrade Industries provides custom-vacuum and pressure thermoforming for various products and industry sectors, including automotive, consumer products, electronics, medical packaging, aerospace and more. InterTrade Industries can assist clients with product concepts to prototype development and high-volume production and delivery. Short lead times and lower costs than injection molding make InterTrade Industries a cost-effective solution for many companies or individuals in need of designing, molding and fabricating plastic parts.

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